Kickstarter thank-yous


Earlier this summer I launched my very first Kickstarter in the hopes of showing my work at Open Out festival in Tromsø, Norway, where 2 of my artworks had been selected for a group exhibition.

74 backers pledged £4,909 of my £4,265 goal which allowed me to courier both of my massive paintings, Tintorest and FREAK (Minturnae), to the festival over 2000 miles away, as well as allowing me to fly to Norway to visit the festival myself.

This was my first international exhibition and I reckon the show was a real success, being bumped up to a solo show for a 2 week run at the Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum, which is the country's most northernmost art gallery. In addition I met some wonderful people and got to experience the beauty (and extremely high beer prices) of Norway and this would not have been possible were it not for my backers.

Pledges ranged from £1 to a whopping £2,300!! But whatever the pledge, a HUGE thank you to every one of my backers for taking the time to back the campaign, for supporting me, and for allowing me to reach this next stage of my career. You are all wonderful.

Tusen takk (thanks) to:

Olivia Basterfield
Margarita Zarenkova
Lucy Dennison
Rex Basterfield
Emma Harrison
Jack Dugmore
Gill Watson
Professor Johnny Golding
Tom Lawes and the gang at The Electric Cinema
Steve Maddison
Mimi Adams
Ally Standing
Karen Horsley-McKay
Amanda Imus
Kate Hook
Leah Dennison
Karen Whitfield
Sylvia Gill
Lesley Gabriel
Barnaby Adams
Kat Preston
Laura Chapman
Katt Wade
Scott Clair
Adam Carver
Frederick Hubble
Jane Anderson
Jo Fursman
Karina Cabanikova
Julia Bloomfield
Georgina Coley
Matthew Geddy
Navi Kaur
Lucy Andrews
Stephanie Geddy
Milly Morris
Rebecca Curtis
The Creative Fund (CA)
Sophie Georgiou
Guy Hallam
Paul Wright
Rachel Cockett
Trevor Pitt
Sophie Sparham
Sarah Waldron
Catharine Cary
Sevven Kucuk
Sarah Walden
Maddie Cottam-Allan
Terri Mc Sweeney
Linda Lamb
Tom Coakes
Sandra Hill
Claire Robinson
Michael Squire
Mickey Sparkes
Michael Kennedy
Joanne Westwood
Ian Standing
Christopher Ward
Dr. Mattia Paganelli
Dr. Joseph Lilley
Hannah Ziolek
Thomas Kilby
Hannah McCombie
Mike Willner
Maximus Decimus Meridius, commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions and loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife (Jon Bell).
Rich Coates
Samuel Savage