Venice 2017 review (a-n article)

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Erwin Wurm, Just about Virtues and Vices in General, 2016 – 2017

Venice 2017 review: 26 recommended pavilions, shows and individual works

We asked this year's Venice Biennale a-n travel bursary recipients and AIR Council members attending the biennale preview to tell us what their highlights were. They came back with 26 different recommendations – and a few repeats.

Paul McCarthy and Christian Lemmerz: New Media (Virtual Reality Art), Isola di San Giorgio Maggiore.
Provocative, disorientating and fairly gross VR experiences. Pro tip: be wary of eating too much gelato before a: experiencing VR and b: crossing to and from San Giorgio.

Taus Makhacheva, Tightrope, Viva Arte Viva exhibition, Giardini.
This wonderful video, Tightrope, sees the descendent of a famous tightrope dynasty ferrying 61 reproduction oil paintings between two mountains. Wonder, anxiety, tension, and beauty at the highest level, it has somewhat struck a chord with my own experience navigating my first Venice Biennale.

Rachel Maclean: Spite Your Face, Scotland + Venice, Chiesa di Santa Caterina.
Warped yet all too familiar, Maclean’s newest green screen video work is a fantastical vision of contemporary politics, celebrity and truth telling, which has her 21st century reinterpretation of Pinocchio wanking off his own nose.

Emily Sparkes


Image: Erwin Wurm, Just about Virtues and Vices in General, 2016 – 2017
Performative One Minute Sculpture, Beitrag Österreich-Pavillon /
Contribution Austrian Pavillon, Mixed Media, Caravan, Furniture Pieces
H 245 x B 205 x L 592 cm | H 96 1/2 x B 80 2/3 x L 233 in, Unique.
Photo: Eva Würdinger, Copyright: Bildrecht, Vienna 2017